Robot-assisted endoscopy

Led by:  PD Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Phys. Markus Kästner
Team:  Jannis Drangmeister, M. Sc.
Year:  2023
Date:  05-04-24
Duration:  2023 - 2026

[Translate to English:] Roboterassisitierte Endoskopie

Modern aircraft engines have a complex structure consisting of several stages. In order to guarantee their safe operation, regular inspections are required due to the prevailing operating conditions. As the dismantling of such engines involves a high financial outlay, the aim is to be able to detect possible defects on turbine blades as far as possible in the assembled state.

Small maintenance openings are provided in the casing for inspection. By inserting a rigid borescope, the rotating turbine blades can be easily inspected. The fixed vanes in the engine pose a greater challenge. Existing flexible video endoscopes do not provide the desired precision required for a reliable decision on the continued operation of the engine. To overcome these problems, the IMR is developing a measuring head, wich is able to measure the defects and locate them in the engine. Both informations are of great importance for the decision on the further use of a blade. In parallel, a cable-actuated continuum robot is developed at the Institute of Mechatronic Systems (IMES), wich has to carry the measuring head and move it through the engine.