Small Laboratory Work

Formerly General Metrological Laboratory (AML)

The general metrological laboratory (AML) is intended to convey to the students the practical implementation of mechanical engineering and metrological problems with the help of various experiments. For this purpose, tests are carried out in small groups at the participating institutes of the mechanical engineering department and jointly evaluated. The various experiments are from the field of transport, production, combustion and measurement technology, so that a broad insight into possible technical problems can be given.


The Institute of Measurement and Automatic Control carries out the metrological part of the AML in the winter semester, the mechanical part is carried out at the responsible institutes of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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Metrological Laboratory Part

to be carried out at the Institute of Measurement and Automatic Control

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Mechanical Laboratory Part

to be carried out at various mechanical engineering institutes

Registration & Overall Coordination

Registration takes place online via Stud.IP, coordinated by the TFD.


Responsible Contact Person:

Stefanie Lohse, M.Sc.

Telefon:   +49 511 762 2752

Test Dates and Group Assignments

Test dates and group assignments are published on StudIP

Contact Person

Christian Neumann, Dipl-Ing. (FH)

Organizationally, the entire laboratory is managed by the Institute for Turbomachinery and Fluid Dynamics (TFD).

Stefanie Lohse, M.Sc.

Experiment Implementation

The experiments take place in Garbsen. The dates are published in Stud.IP.

To carry out the experiment, it is necessary to read the script. There will be a small test at the beginning of the experiment to check that all participants have prepared for the experiment.

After the test, a protocol must be drawn up that must be submitted within one week of the test date. Please bring a USB data carrier for each group to take the test data with you.

In the event of illness or other justified reasons for the absence, the attempts must be made up on another date. Due to the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic, all participants must be healthy, i.e. free from coughs and fever. The valid distance rules must be strictly observed. All participants and supervisors please wear mouth and nose protection in the closed rooms.


Registration can only take place in groups of 6 people. The opportunity to form groups (separated into mechanical engineers and industrial engineers!) Arises during registration and should be carried out independently.

Personal presence is not required, the registration can also be carried out by other participants. In any case: bring your student ID and photo ID!

Each group of participants selects an experiment from the range of experiments from each experimental area (areas I - III). In order to enable as many students as possible to participate in the small laboratory work (formerly AML), experiment 4 is assigned to the respective groups of participants.

The schedule for the experiments, as well as the final group assignment, will be announced by the respective institute and at StudIP.

Your Contact

Christian Neumann
Administrative/Technical Staff
Christian Neumann
Administrative/Technical Staff