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Industrial and Medical Imaging

Head of Team: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Pösch 

Modified Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Zeiss DSM 940A


  • Measurement device for the implementation of the new photometric method for the three dimensional reconstruction of surfaces
  • Specimen chamber equipped with four secondary electron detectors
  • Modification of the collector grid for an optimized collection efficiency


  • Three dimensional measurements with a resolution of ca. 50nm
  • Reliable surface reconstruction with inclination angles up to ca. 70°

Hot Embossing Machine HEX 03

The hot embossing machine Hex 03 is used for imprinting microstructures into thermoplastic polymers such as PMMA. For manifacturing the stemp several materials such as copper or silicon are suitable.

 Technical Details:

  • max. force: 200 kN
  • velocity of stemp: 1µm/min - 8mm/s
  • max. diameter of workpiece: 150 mm
  • max. height of workpiece: 10 mm
  • max. embossing temperture: 320 °C


  • microoptics
  • microfluidics
  • micromechanics
  • medical applications

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) SIS UltraObjective

The AFM from SIS can be operated in contact and non-contact mode. The AFM is integrated in a Carl Zeiss optical microscope that can be run in ordinary optical microscope mode as well as phase contrast or dark field mode.



Technical Details:

  • measureing field size: 300 µm x 300 µm
  • vertical measureing range: 20 µm
  • vertical resolution:  bis 0.1 nm
  • lateral resolution: a few nanometer (depending on tip shape)

Inverse Fringe Projection

This is a specialized structured light 3D measurement system designed and built at the IMR. The system consists of a freely programmable structured illumination device (beamer) and a high resolution industrial camera. The system's software is completely written at the institute using Python and C/C++ and is, thus, very versatile to research new algorithms.


  • Camera: AVT Pike 505B (5 MPixel)
  • Projector: Acer P7500 (4000 ANSI Lumen)
  • Conventional and inverse fringe projection measurement implemented



Characterization of microstructured surfaces

A measurement setup for the characterization of microstructures surfaces is developed at IMR. The measurement setup can be used to find microscopic defects on large area surfaces. In addition, the microstructured surfaces can be captured three-dimensionally.

Main components:

  • Several digital cameras: High-speed and high-resolution approach
  • High magnification telecentric lenses
  • Linear stage system
  • LED and Laser illumination



  • Three-dimensional capture of microstructured surfaces
  • Searching and classification of defects on large area surfaces
  • Microscopic imaging techniques under harsh industrial conditions

OR- Laboratory

The OR- laboratory is equipped with components of patient positioning, supply units and illumination. The TruSystem 7500, iLED and TruPort are products of the TRUMPF Medical System Inc.. With these components, OR- procedures and situations of conventional ORs are simulated.

TruSystem 7500



Depth sensors, integrated within the laboratory, are used for monitoring the environment. This includes TOF- (time of flight) sensors e.g. the MESA SR4000.