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Control Engineering

Head of team: Dr.-Ing. Christian Pape

Desciption of Research Activities:

The Control Engineering Team is involved in the modelling, observation, and control of linear uncertain dynamic systems. The uncertainty or lack of information, respectively, has several causes in practice. These causes frequently include imperfect modelling, indirect measurements (observations), measurements, which are subject to significant errors, resulting from incomplete measurements or digitizing errors due to subsequent digital signal processing. In general, the control path is made up of

  • mechatronic (e.g. assistance systems in automotive engineering),
  • micro-opto-electronic (e.g. micro-optical analysis system),
  • opto-mechatronic (e.g. image based closed loop control), and
  • akusacoustic (e.g. "active noise control")


The controller design is based on linear (e.g. H∞ -modifications), linear adaptive (e.g. prediction/correction procedures), or non-linear (e.g. Lyapunov-Procedures) concepts. These concepts are developed and applied in experimental setups. Fuzzy models and linear as well as non-linear observation models are investigated in the context of measurement uncertainty. Experimental identification procedures such as characteristic-frequency response procedures are of major importance in highly imperfect modelling. Moreover, multi-dimensional signal processing issues such as object and environment identification are addressed in the field of image-based closed loop controls.