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Control Engineering

Head of Team: Dr.-Ing. Christian Pape

2 µKRoS 316 robotic systems

Technical Details:

  • 6 degrees of freedom with 9 direct driven motors without gears
  • Intern angle encoders with resolution of 1 arc second
  • Repeatability of 5 µm at the end-effector
  • PID-Control with velocity and acceleration feed forward
  • Application in the micro assembly and micro processing (Macro-Micro-Kinematics)

Areas of Application:

  • micro-assembly
  • micro-mashining

Usage in Current Research Projects:


Technical Details:

  • Derotator

    • 6-pole synchronous motor with hollow shaft
    • 6 Nm at 12,000 rpm

  • Hexapod (Newport HXP1000)

    • 6-axes parallel-kinematics
    • 100 kg maximum load
    • minimal incremental movement              (X Y Z)=(0.3 µm 0.3 µm 0.16 µm)          (Θx Θy Θz)=(0.00006° 0.00006° 0.0001°)

  • High-speed camera Mikrotron MC1362

    • CMOS sensor
    • 506 frames/s at a resolution of 1280x1024
    • Full camera link data communication

  • Test objekt motor (Kollmorgen AKM44J)

    • 10-pole synchronous motor
    • 6 Nm at 6,000 rpm

  • Real-time PXI-system (National Instruments)

    • PXIe-1435 camera link framegrabber
    • PXIe-6363 X series DAQ                      (32 AI, 4 AO, 48 DIO)

Areas of Application:

  • Investigation of rotating objects during operation (e.g. using optical measurement technology, thermographic cameras, etc.)

Usage in Current Research Projects:

Inverted Pendulum

Technical Details:

  • Real-time control by the xPC-Target Toolbox of MATLAB
  • Detection of the inverted pendulum's position by a high-speed camera (max. 148 frames per second)
  • Actuation of the pendulum on an XY-platform by two step motors
  • Experimental setup in the laboratory course along with other testing stands in the lab

Areas of Application:

  • the testing stand for the stabilizing of a patient's table in the radiation therapy

Usage in Current Research Projects: