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Industrial and Medical Imaging

Description of Research Activities:

The working group Industrial and Medical Imaging deals with research and development activities in the industrial sector as well as with image-based measurement techniques in medical technology. The main focus in industrial image processing is the development of new and enhanced methods for optical quality control in production processes under conditions difficult and task specific constraints. In this area methods for the characterization of so-called Riblets, i.e. fine structures on surfaces reducing air resistance, are developed. These structures are inspected in order to detect and quantify wear and additionally, methods for a large-scale acquisition of the surface structure and to derive metrics are devised. Various measurement instruments are applied and also developed in different research projects. These include confocal microscopy, laser scanning methods and novel 3D electron microscopy (SEM).
In medical imaging new interaction and control methods to optimize medical equipment are developed. The goal is to increase the efficiency and the ergonometric and in particular to prevent infections. In the field of micro-systems the focus lies on the development and integration of micro-optical and micro-mechanical components for the development and optimization of a miniaturized spectrometer (micro spectrometer) to reduce its cost and its energy consumption. This micro- spectrometer can find a wide utilization in medical, bioanalytical and environmental engineering.