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The intelligent operation room

Laboratory: OR- Table with lights

Today's operating room (OR) is an environment for high tech equipment, used for therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The equipment is applied to treat the patient with new and better surgical techniques. This causes an increasing variety and complexity of surgical procedures which poses a further requirement on the staff. This is taken into account through intelligent functions, which should decrease the workload. Processes within the OR are new designed and optimized, to ensure the best patient treatment.

Within the shown laboratory, approaches in human machine interaction, patient positioning and collision control are evaluated. 3D sensors are used to observe the scene and algorithms of digital image processing are applied. Based on the results, the OR should achieve information about the OR state and situation in order to interact with the staff. Besides assisting functions, active manipulation of OR equipment through the interface is possible.

Our technical focus is in the development and implementations of sensor array systems. Because the OR- environment is very complex, due to many people and objects within a small room, the scene is observed from various viewpoints. Through this, the complete segmentation of objects becomes possible. This causes a lot of challenges in the fields of real time applicability, data fusion capability and consideration of complex picture failures, like reflection, shadowing and interfacial effects.

Contact person: M. Sc. Armin Dietz