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Metrology I


  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eduard Reithmeier

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Organisational Facts:

  • Please visit the German version of this page for detailed information or join the Stud.Ip group of the course.

Consultation Hours:


  • obligatory course in basic studies

Contents of Lecture:

  • fundamental terms
  • mathematical description of measurement operation
  • dynamic of continuous measurement systems
  • steady state
  • measurement characteristics
  • balance methods
  • linearization in working point
  • response characteristic in time and frequency domain
  • Laplace transformation
  • active und passive improvements of response characteristics
  • amplification of analog signals (operational amplifier)
  • passive and active filtering of analog signals
  • measured value and data statistics
  • types of measurement error
  • frequency distribution of stochastic measurement error
  • error propagation
  • linear regression and correlation