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Production Metrology

Haed of team: Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Phys. M. Kästner

Desciption of Research Activities:

The production metrology team deals with measuring and describing geometric deviations in workpieces and their impact on the useability of a workpiece. A focus of the teams efforts is 3-D-metrology, which is mainly employed in the production- and process-development phase, due to its flexibility.
Within the scope of research-projects optical sensors are being developed here at a progressive rate, in order to drastically reduce measurement-times with respect to tactile metrology and hence be able to adapt 3-D-metrology in a process-oriented way.
2-D- and 3-D-roughness-measurement on technical surfaces form another focus of this team. Particularly the works on tactile and optical measurement of 3-D-microgeometry are of high relevance, as they hold information about new possibilities in surface-fine-machining-techniques, which are to yield especially functional surface-structures. Current efforts are concentrated on cylinder-bearings of combustion engines in order to minimise oil- and fuel-consumption; further applications include roughness-measurements on cannulas, blast pipes, as well as implants for hip- and knee-joint-replacement.
In addition to this, optical online-measurement- and testing-systems are being developed, which, among other things, allow fast process-oriented testing by the use of industrial image processing. Furthermore, future research-projects will adress the issue of metrology in the sub-micron-regime.