Industrial and Medical Imaging

Industrial and Medical Imaging

  • Modified Scanning Electron Microscope (REM) Zeiss DSM 940A


    • Measurement system for the application of the three-dimensional reconstruction method for SEM images developed at imr
    • Equipment of the sample chamber with a total of four secondary electron detectors
    • Modification of the collector grid for optimized electron registration


    • Three-dimensional measurement data acquisition with a resolution of approx. 50nm
    • Reliable reconstruction of flanks with a slope angle of approx. 70 °
  • Hot Stamping Machine HEX 03

    The hot stamping system HEX 03 is a precision system for stamping and hot molding of microstructured tools in thermoplastics.

    Core component:

    • Basic device for generating force
    • Vacuum chamber
    • Temperature control
    • Microscope

    Reshaping of the plastic under a time-defined temperature, force and vacuum curve.

    Alignment of the embossing to structures already present on the substrate by means of:

    • Integral measuring microscope
    • Substrate positioning unit
    • Control software

    Technical Specifications:

    • Embossing force: up to 200 kN
    • Travel speed: 1µm / min - 8mm / s
    • Pressure chamber: up to 6 bar
    • Substrate diameter: up to 150 mm
    • Substrate height: up to 10 mm
    • Embossing temperature: up to 320 ° C

    Application Areas:

    • Micro-optics
    • Microfluidics
    • Micromechanics
    • Medical technology


    • PMMA
    • POM
    • PC
    • PVDF
    • PSU

    Tool Making:

    • Mechanical microtechnology
    • Laser micromachining
    • LIGA procedure
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) SIS UltraObjective

    The AFM from SIS can be operated in contactless mode and in contact mode and is integrated in a Zeiss microscope, which can be operated both as a normal light microscope and as a phase contrast and dark field microscope. 

    Technical Specifications:

    • Measurement field size: 300 µm x 300 µm
    • Vertical measuring range. 20 µm
    • Vertical resolution: up to 0.1 nm
    • Material resolution: up to a few nanometers (depending on the stylus tip)
  • Inverse Fringe Projection System

    3D measuring system based on fringe projection developed and set up at IMR. The system consists of a projector (ACER P7500) and an industrial camera (AVT Pike 505B) and is completely freely programmable with Python and C / C ++.

    Algorithms for inverse fringe projection are implemented and researched within the framework of the SFB 871 (subproject C2).


    • Camera: AVT Pike 505B (5 MPixel)
    • Projector: Acer P7500 (4000 ANSI Lumen)
    • Conventional and inverse fringe projection
  • Characterization of Micro-structured Surfaces

    A measurement setup for characterizing microstructured surfaces is being developed at the IMR. The measuring system can be used to find microscopic defects on large surfaces. In addition, the geometrical detection of the surface structure is possible.

    Main Components: 

    • Different cameras: high speed and high resolution
    • Highly magnifying, telecentric lenses
    • Positioning unit with 3 axes
    • LED and laser lighting


    • Geometric recording of micro-structured surfaces
    • Search and identification of microscopic defects on large surfaces
    • Microscopic surface examinations under rough, industrial conditions.
  • Laboratory Operating Room

    The laboratory operating room is equipped with components for patient positioning, care and lighting. The TruSystem 7500, iLED and TruPort systems from TRUMPF Medizin Systeme are used here. This means that a large number of surgical procedures and situations in a conventional operating room can be simulated.

    TruSystem 7500



    There are also depth sensors integrated in the laboratory, which enable room monitoring. This includes TOF (time of flight) sensors such as the MESA SR4000.

    MESA SR4000

Team Leader

Dr.-Ing. Lennart Hinz
Research Staff
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen
Dr.-Ing. Lennart Hinz
Research Staff
An der Universität 1
30823 Garbsen