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Automatic Control II


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  • Semester: WiSe
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  • Tutorial Start Date
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    • Bring: calculator (not programmable and non-graphical capability), indelible pen (not red), ruler
    • Provided: formulary, examination tasks with space for answers, additional blank sheets
    • If you write the exam as a "Nachweisprüfung/Kenntnisprüfung" please write an email to the contact person for registration

Consultation Hours:

Contents of Lecture:

  • analog-to-digital converter and digital-to-analog converter
  • discretization of time continuous plants
  • time-discrete transfer elements
  • linear time-invariant digital control loops
  • stability of llinear digital control loops
  • design processes of digital controllers
  • generation of time domain control algorithms and their implementation on microcomputers


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