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Head of team: Dr.-Ing. Christian Pape

Description of Research Activities:

The Acoustics Team has a history of over 30 years in acoustical research. The main focus has been laid on processes and techniques ranging from air- and structure-borne sound to ultrasound ever since. The goal is the recording, analysis and evaluation of noise present in appliances, machinery, vehicles and buildings.

Typical examples:

  • Noise-immission in factory-halls
  • Ultrasonic- and force-sensors for early damage-detection and process-monitoring of stamping, forging and tractional crafting
  • Noise-vibration-activities in machinery, conveyor-systems and cranes
  • Noise-exposure and noise-reduction in household-appliance-industry
  • Sound-pressure- and sound-power-measurements of electric tools
  • Noise-intensity-measurements of airplanes
  • Sound-engineering for the Optimization of machinery, appliances and vehicles
  • Active noise-cancellation (ANC) in vehicles and head phones

Furthermore, the basis of sound intensity metrology is established by and adequate gages developed at the Institute for Measurement and Automatic Control. Recently, a further emphasis has been laid on the combination of control engineering and acoustical metrology. Active noise control (ANC) in passenger compartments serves as a good example. Employing appropriate sound generators, the sound field created by unwanted noise sources can be altered in almost any way desired and particular sound characteristics or noise patterns can be approximated and quelled at the best. Recently, this technology has also been adapted to communication headsets and in-ear phones as part of a cooperation with the Sennheiser company.