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Publications of Dr.-Ing. Omar Abo-Namous



Abo-Namous, O. (2010): Optical Cooperativity of Technical Surfaces with Respect to Fringe Projection Systems, Scientific Reports 2008-2010 Institute of Measurement and Automatic Control, ISBN 978-3-941416-80-2, 2010, pp. 5-7



Gretzki, T.; Krause, C.; Frolov, I.; Hassel, T.; Nicolaus, M.; Bach, F.-W.; Kästner, M.; Abo-Namous, O.; Reithmeier, E. (2009): Manufacturing Surface Hardened Components of 42CrMo4 by means of Water-Air Spray Cooling, steel research international, Volume 80, December 2009, pp. 906 - 915  | file |



Abo-Namous, O.; Kästner, M.; Reithmeier, E.; Nicolaus, M.; Möhwald, K.; Bach, F.-W. (2010): Mechanical Surface Treatment to Obtain Optically Cooperative Surfaces vis-à-vis Fringe Projection, Reflection, Scattering, and Diffraction from Surfaces II, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7792, 7792OV-1  | file |

Bach, F.-W.; Möhwald, K.; Nicolaus, M.; Reithmeier, E.; Kästner, M.; Abo-Namous, O. (2010): Non-Contact Geometry Inspection of Workpieces with Optically Non-Cooperative Surfaces, Key Engineering Materials Vol. 438 (2010) pp. 123-129  | file |

Nicolaus, M.; Möhwald, K.; Bach, Fr.-W.; Abo-Namous, O.; Kästner, M.; Reithmeier, E. (2010): Berührungslose Geometrieprüfung endbearbeiteter Bauteile mit optisch nicht kooperativen Oberflächen, Tagungsband zum 13. Werkstofftechnischen Kolloquium in Chemnitz, Bd. 37, S. 313-317

Pösch A., Vynnyk T., Kästner M., Abo-Namous O., Reithmeier E. (2010): Virtual Inverse Fringe Projection, CMSC Conference, Reno


Abo-Namous, O.; Kästner, M.; Reithmeier, E. (2009): Interior Geometry Inspection Using Rerouted Fringe Projection, Fringe09, Nürtingen, 13.-16. September 2009, pp. 709 - 712

Gillhaus, R.; Kästner, M.; Haskamp, K.; Abo-Namous, O.; Reithmeier, E. (2009): Analysis of Unbalances of Crank Shafts using Geometric Data, Proceedings of the euspen 9th International Conference, San Sebastian, 02.-05. June 2009, Volume 2, S. 287 - 290  | file |

Mirzaei, S.; Abo-Namous, O.; Beichert, G.; Fahlbusch, T.; Reithmeier, E. (2009): Developing a new generation of optomechanical derotator for analysis of the dynamic behaviour of rotating components, Proc. SPIE 'Advances in Optomechanics' (Optics and Photonics) 7424


Abo-Namous, O,; Kästner, M.; Reithmeier, E. (2008): Generierung optisch kooperativer Oberflächen für die Streifenprojektion, Zweiter Workshop Optische Technologien, S. 175 - 177, Hannover, 17 November 2008  | file |

Abo-Namous, O.; Seewig, J.; Kästner, M.; Reithmeier, E. (2008): Fast method to measure optical cooperativity, 109. Tagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für angewandte Optik, Esslingen am Neckar, DGaO-Proceedings, ISSN: 1614-8436, 2008  | file |